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Belgian Butt Kicking

Unfortunately, I was on the receiving end of the butt kicking today.  Wow, that was a brutal race.  Felt flat from the very beginning, tried to gear it up on the bike, and then BOOM!  Legs absolutely blew up.  Turns out when four hour races go bad, they go really, really bad.  

Preliminary results are here, though you'll have to scroll down a ways to see me!  I was a fairly miserable 22nd, 10th in the Pro race, but got beat by 12 age groupers!  Considering I won my last two overall age group races by an average of 9 minutes, finishing no lower than 8th in the Pro field, it's a discouraging result, and definitely feels like a step backward.  

A very special thanks to the best wif ever, Lauren, for keeping positive and yelling encouraging words.  She is the reason I didn't quit the race, which I had every intention to do with about 10 miles left on the bike.  

Lots of data to review now, not one of those cool days as an athlete.  A couple small positive take-aways, but mostly a pretty crappy result.  Thanks to everyone for the encouragement!  More thoughts to come soon.  Time to go enjoy Antwerp and do whatever the wife wants!

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