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Rev3 Partnership & 2012 Race Schedule!

Heyo! I’m on a flight to Costa Rica as I type, and no, I’m not presenting at the Latin American Music Awards. I’m headed to race a little race called Costa Rica Rev3 on Sunday. Boo to the Yah! So anyway, I figure it’s an appropriate time to tell all you crazy ass fans when I’m racing so if ESPN doesn’t show up, you can come out and watch, race, drink, and enjoy some sunshine with me in 2012.

Rev3 Series Partnership!

First and foremost, I’m super stoked to announce a partnership with the Rev3 Race Series. Rev3 offers nine races across the country, and one in Costa Rica. I know, it’s SHOCKING I decided to do the one in Costa Rica. Each location offers a different mix of Sprint, Olympic, Half, and Full Rev distance races. One distance at each event has a Pro Race, with a prize purse and points that count towards a Pro-Series Championship. I will be racing in Costa Rica, Quassy, Portland, Maine, and the series finale in Florida. Two bonus points for first person to put where Quassy is in the comments. You have to promise that you didn’t Google it.

Kind of bummed I'm missing Cedar Point. Heard the roller coasters are awesome.

Why I Chose Rev3

Oh, the memories!

Some of you may remember my first Rev3 experience in Portland last year – Sportscenter Highlights: 1) racing in Mackenzie Madison’s swim skin, and having the female butt to prove for it, 2) saying hi to my mom…during the swim. Anyway, I was stoked because Portland Rev3 was the first professional half-distance race in the state of Oregon, and I LOVE Oregon. On top of that, the race organizers invited my goofy self to some pre-race Q&A, videos, etc. It was a super fun event, and gave me the chance to meet the entire Rev3 crew, including Charlie Patton, their self-described “Bossman,” Krista Baker, the athlete liaison, and Michael Lovato, a super accomplished pro who is the captain of their racing team and was a huge help in the process.

I love Oregon like Goldmember love’s Gold. Rev3 has a race in Oregon? Done and done.

The vibe at Rev3 races is awesome. They do a great job of supplying first class events that have an unintimidating, family friendly atmosphere. They also do an excellent job of supporting the pros in the sport. Each race has a solid prize purse, but they also offer tons of logistical help, finding homestays, etc. Krista in particular has provided me with all the help I need to get things set with as little stress as possible – ask Lauren how long I can spend planning for races without help, she calls it a “glitch in the mainframe.” They also do a fantastic job of incorporating video and other media into pre-race, during race, and post race recaps. Most importantly, they’re just super cool and nice people – I new I’d have a good time at each of their events. I feel honored to be supported by them.

This is what happens to me when booking travel.

The Season Outlook & Some Goals/Strategies

So my season starts with goals for either specific races or general improvements across all my races. The primary goals/strategies for my schedule are:

  • Compete for the Rev3 Series
  • Defend my Wildflower title – wow, still sounds weird
  • Compete well at the 70.3 World Championships
  • No back to back races – because I pretty much felt like doo-doo every time I tried it last year.
  • Get better at racing in the heat.

When Matt and I mapped out my season, we looked at those goals to start the conversation. What we eventually came up with was the list below, which we thought would both qualify and prepare me for those primary goals.

Here are some selected highlights:

  • Rev3 Costa Rica, Quassy, Portland, Maine & Florida! – Four new races! Mainframe Overload! I honestly don’t know what to expect, other than an amazingly fun time. Costa Rica and Maine give me two Olympic distance opportunities. Quassy and Florida are both “big money” races, and are sure to have stacked fields. Portland is going to feature a lot more Oregon-like hills on the bike this year, and it’ll give me a chance to race in front of friends and family. The goal is to finish solidly in each Rev3 race with the hopes of landing on the Series Leaderboard by the end of the year. It’s going to be a blast!
  • Wildflower – Of course I’m headed back. I’ve never had to defend anything in my life, so I’m taking my shot while I’ve got it! I’m super stoked, it will always be a very special place for me, regardless of what happens this year or further down the road. This race, the camping, the hanging out, it’s what triathlon is all about. There are some REALLY fun things planned, so if you can make it, do it! Much more about Wildflower coming down the road – probably enough to make you sick – so I’ll stop at that.
  • Hands down my favorite part of Vegas last year - post race fish & chips & ghiradelli sundae. All one order.

    70.3 World ChampsNot my favorite last year. Coming off sickness, I pushed it, and paid for it in the heat against some amazing competition. I hope to re-qualify, and improve on my finish last year. In order to do that, I added some races with strong fields – Panama 70.3, Oceanside 70.3, and Rev3 Quassy, and some races in the heat (my Achilles heel last year) – Panama, Costa Rica, Quassy, and Philippines. Oh yeah, I also owe you guys a better Vegas race report, half the reason for going honestly.

  • 70.3 Philippines – Even though I had ten days of #2 Explosion post Philippines…it honestly was worth it. That trip was an absolute highlight of my year AND the birthplace of Jesse Beiber. I’m not ready to turn my back on it yet. The race location has moved, and the swim will be in the ocean (think it was the swim last year that got me sick). I’m super excited to go back, get another good race in the heat, do some tikling dancing, and hopefully be ready to go for 70.3 Worlds four weeks later.

The Lone Casualty

  • Some of my friends will notice the one major glaring vacancy of my 2012 schedule is Escape from Alcatraz. I’m super bummed to miss this race. It’s so unique, and an awesome way to catch up with my buddies in San Francisco. It will always be a career goal of mine to win Escape from Alcatraz, but I’ll have to hold off for at least a year.

That’s it for now! I’ll also be at the Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove again, maybe swimming, maybe racing, maybe just having a good time. I may throw in the Duck Bill Thrill again as well for another local race, we’ll see what happens. As always, thanks for reading, and hope to see you out there racing and cheering this year. Peace out!

2012 Race Schedule*

Date Race Results Report/Goals/Thoughts
Feb 13 Panama 70.3 6th Awesome start to the season. Rode a new bike, discovered Beiber survival mode, and found out Lance’s agent liked my glasses – Report here.
March 18 Rev3 Costa Rica Why would I not do an Olympic Distance race in Costa Rica?
March 31 Oceanside 70.3 Wanted to do this race since I started triathlon. Will take my first crack at this always strong field. I hear the Mexican food post race is AMAZING.
May 5 Wildflower Long Course I actually get to “defend” something, unreal! Can’t wait, going to be a super fun weekend.
June 3 Rev3 Quassy A new race for me, usually a stacked field on a tough course. Excited to see what happens.
July 8 Rev 3 Portland The only race in Oregon, going to be awesome! 2011 report here.
July 28 Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove An awesome local race put on by one of my best sponsors. Not sure if I’ll be racing, or just hanging out, but if you’re in the area, come and chill with us!
Aug 5 Philippines 70.3 Can’t wait to head back to the Philippines, birthplace of Jesse Beiber, here’s the 2011 Race Report Part 1 & Part 2.
Aug 26 Rev3 Maine Another Olympic Distance race, and in one my favorite places. Super stoked to check it out!
Sep 9 70.3 World Championships Hoping to improve off my 17th place finish last year.
Oct 28 Rev3 Florida The Rev3 Series Championship and the end of the season. Party time, excellent!

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