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2013 Escape From Alcatraz Race Report

Yo! Crazy Ass Fans, Yo!

I’ve been super slammed post race with moving to Bend, which is awesome, but means I haven’t had a chance to write a report. Soooooo, I’m trying to write this entire race report on a trainer ride. NERD ALERT!

To save my keyboard from sweaty hands, I did mostly videos of each section. I’ll try to support with some pics and other paraphernalia. I also will never use a word as big as paraphernalia while typing on the trainer again.’

This might suck, and if it does, let me have it on twitter, facebook, or the comments below! Thanks for following!! Booyah!


Intro – Trainer Race Report = Nerd Alert.

No achievements? Yeah right! I wrote a blog, dude.

Overall Deets – 3rd Place, Fastest run, Stoked!

Gotta be stoked with this finish, considering the field I talked about in the pre race blog.


Biggest disappointment is that Graham O’Grady beat me again. Damn that Kiwi!

Low & High Moments – Getting Dropped & Your Cheering

This pic with my buddy James was NOT the high moment of the race. It was a close second though.

I was feeling the love all day. Thanks James and other Crazy Ass fans for cheering me on.

Pre Race Craziness & Tragic Swim Accident

Looks like the cold isn't the top worry. Hoping I can see the beach on Sunday!

The water was as cold as it looks.

All the necessities ready to go. (Thanks Nils at N2 Photo).

All the necessities ready to go, including my new Pearl kicks! (Thanks Nils at N2 Photo).

Race Song & Crazy Ass Swim

Nightcall makes me feel like Ryan Gosling. He totally would have beat Javier Gomez.

Me pretending I'm not afraid.

Me pretending I’m not afraid (far right). Thanks Nils at N2 Photo.

Frozen T1, Baby Moment Bike Ride

Zooming by on the Shiv! Thanks for the video, @gschiavo!

First race ever I thought about Lima Bean.

The first race I ever thought about Lima Bean. Take it easy on the downhills, Dad.

i don't remember throwing up, but based on this picture, it must have happened the very next moment. (Thanks Nils at N2 Photo, haha).

i don’t remember throwing up, but based on this picture, it must have happened in the next 3 seconds. (Thanks Nils at N2 Photo, haha).

First Half of Run – Downhill Maniac!

2:13 half mile downhill = the reason my legs are still ridiculously sore. Congrats to Jason on a solid race also!

The Aviators hide the pain. I'm making sobby face right now.

The Aviators hide the pain. I’m making sobby-face right now. (Thanks Nils at N2 Photo).

Running Scared into the Finish

Proof I walked the Sand Ladder. Still hurt. A lot. Thanks for the pic, Michael!

One last climb to go.

One last climb to go. (Thanks Larry at Endurapix)

Never afraid to pretend I won down the finish chute. (Thanks Larry at Endurapix)

Never afraid to run the finish chute like I won. (Thanks Larry at Endurapix)

Special Thanks to SuperWif

SuperWif, with buddies Neil & Kristin, were out cheering all day, thanks guys!

SuperWif, with buddies Neil & Kristin, not only helped all weekend, she also carried a baby THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.

Thanks to Some Bad Ass Sponsors

Somehow the guys at Pearl turned this drawing into a kit in 36 hours. Thanks Geoff, Stacy, Don, and Paul for making it happen!

May I introduce BumbleBee – Somehow the guys at Pearl turned this drawing into a super fast kit in 36 hours (more on that later). Thanks Geoff, Stacy, Don, and Paul for making it happen!


Specialized Live Tweeting in the house!

Mallory & Specialized Live Facebooking in the house! Thanks guys!

The Maverick suit is Legit! More on that later…Thanks dudes! Click on Pic for more info.

Thanks to the Picky Bars staff for not only keeping the business running, but crushing it lately. These guys are smarter than they look!

I’ve also got a couple of new Top Tier sponsors that you may have noticed on the kit – Sony Medical and Carestream! Booyah! A lot more on that coming very soon…

I’ve got to give a shout out to some my other major sponsors (including newcomer JayBird Sport!) Thanks for all the support and encouragement guys!

As always, HUGE thanks to coach Matt Dixon who got me ready for this race despite some crazy setbacks, swim guru Gerry Rodrigues for the open water prep, Stacy Sims for the ongoing nutrition consultations, and the rest of my (updated) support crew.

Finally, thanks to all the CRAZY ASS FANS! You guys rock, and you’re Crazy! I need to get you T shirts or something. Bandanas maybe? Until next time!



31 comments to 2013 Escape From Alcatraz Race Report

  • MBS

    Congrats, Jesse! Not going to lie, I didn’t watch all the videos because I’m usually a blog skimmer (of all blogs, that is, aids in daily efficiency)…so I guess this makes me a half ass fan rather than crazy ass. I’m also not a tri junkie so that might have something to do with it. When I have a little downtime, I’ll prob watch them though, so the videos is a pretty cool idea.

    I wanna hear more about the Sony Medical sponsorship.

    Congrats! This will be cool for Lima Bean to go back and watch one day and see that dad cares about him/her. Make sure to save this for when him/her is like 13 or 14 and is being a little brat and claims that you are being so mean to him/her and you can be like “BOOYAH, offspring! Dad does care. I slowed down on the bike when you were a fetus.”

    Just a thought. Congrats — on race, move, baby, etc!

    (PS – fine I watched some of the videos and I like the shout out to cortisol. Match Day for me is two days before the NYC Half so if you have any tips on keeping things calm, let me know. Pretty sure I just felt my heart skip two beats and my adrenals pump out some cortisol so in typing “Match Day” so pretty sure there is no cure for me until its all over)

  • al...

    While it may save you time to record videos, it took me about three hours to watch the videos. I took breaks. I found this to be educational in that 1) now I know what your voice sounds like, and 2) now I know how you pronounce “wif,” because that’s not what I was saying in my head. This was a great one-time thing, but I am a fan of the written entries. Call me old-fashioned. Plus written entries probably make you more google-able.

    Good luck with the move and the baby. I hope you can keep it as low as possible throughout it all!

    • Jesse Thomas

      What’s funny is I don’t think it actually saved me that much time. I did get to do it on the trainer, so some time gained, but it made that trainer ride pretty exhausting, and there was a lot of cleanup/picture inserting after all the videos were up.

  • Nice wrap-up! <3 those hoodies

  • Good call on the pre race track. Drive is a pretty bad ass film. Oh, yeah, good race too.

  • layra

    Loved the song, hahaha. You are a pleasure to cheer for, you’re awesome, keep it up!

  • Dan

    great race! i liked the video format…i did the dishes while i watched them!

    gosling would DEFINITELY crush gomez but it would be hard to get up the sand ladder with those super tight jeans.

  • Nate

    Nice work – The video report works! Maybe you can setup a ‘super sponsor’ backdrop, or have race video going in the background, or even better, old school MTV videos. Congrats on a great race and the move.
    I’ve had the same baby thoughts at various times in the last few months. Good sign that we’re ready for this. Keep it up, man. See you around.

    • Jesse Thomas

      Good to know other’s experience the same baby thoughts. Kind of freaked me out, but could see how it would be pretty standard.

      Will look into MTV style background. Mad Max?

  • Randy Becker

    OUTSTANDING report, enjoyed the video, solid change up. 2013 has epic potential… and you’re becoming a grade A+ multi-tasker, nicely executed.

    Wish the “wif” well.

    It’s ramp time for Oceanside, c u there.


  • JT

    what sort of trainer do you ride? very quiet. Mine sounds like a feight train.

    • Jesse Thomas

      PowerTap Power Beam Pro, hand’s down best trainer on the market. Quiet, easy to set up, and power adjustable/ergometer style. Can integrate with courses, etc. Good stuff.

  • d

    videos are a little rough on the bandwidth consumption. also, i think i wasted about five minutes more on this blog than your regular written ones. fyi

  • Dputts

    Congrats on a sick race dude. Huge result. Digging the video blog. Definitely didn’t fall flat.

  • Roo

    Great Race Jesse, sorry I couldn’t hold back Graham at the swim exit like I said I would…jk.


  • JJ

    Actually, I think the video report format works great – good stuff. This was the first time I was able to be in a race with a large pro field, and that added a whole new level of excitement. Great to see you live – you absolutely crushed this race, and I’m psyched about what’s in store for 2013. Good luck!

  • R Smith

    masterful post my good man.

  • Matt

    Is your bike jersey inside-out? or just meant to look good when you check yourself out in the mirror? this sounds insane, but it’s all i could think about

  • I loved this Race Report, much better than just reading a narrative! I say you make it your own format; you could even get SuperWif as a Special Guest! And, of course, congratulations on the fantastic showing at Alcatraz! That sounds like one tough race, and you did work!

  • Cameron

    Good stuff, love the dedication. What’s imuzI lraeP?

  • Meredith

    I watched all the videos, but felt a little weird when my husband walked by and wondered what I was watching. Awesome finish and congrats!

  • Kim

    Congrats on your finish! Enjoyed the race report by video. . The video format definitley works. Always enjoy reading your blogs tweets and now watching you on video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jesse Thomas

    Thanks for all the congrats & comments, guys! I think the video format has its plusses and minuses. It’s a lot harder to tell the story free form on video. It makes it kind of boring to me. If I was going to make it a better story, with funny stuff, etc., I’d probably have to write it first, then read it over video, which seems kind of pointless to me. I think for short stuff I’ll use it to check in, maybe answer questions or do some guest things, could be fun, but will probably revert back to the good old narrative for the next time. We’ll see. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Loved that Jesse smile and head tilt when you mentioned Lima Bean. Better get used to that feeling and laughing at all that little one has to teach you. ENJOY THE RIDE!

  • I love that as a pro athlete you not only notice, but appreciate those screams and encouragement from the crowd. As an occasional spectator and runner, I often wonder if the top athletes are too “in the zone” to even notice other things going on, but it’s cool that you do and that it helps you to keep pushing harder.

    It would be interesting to hear more down the road about how you keep cortisol levels down, the research about the benefits of keeping it low, how close to a race athletes should be as low stress as possible, etc.

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