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2013 Wildflower Preview

Heyo Crazy Ass like it’s 100 degrees at Lake San Antonio Fans! Race week is here! I’ve already posted about why I’m stoked to go back to Wildflower, and why this race means so much to me, so I’ll keep this brief with the logistics, a race preview, and some other fun stuff you may have missed. Hope things are going well and regardless of what you’re up to, you have a crazy ass weekend!

Race – Saturday 8am Pacific

How to watch

Triathlete Magazine Autograph Session

  • Friday – 3:30pm at the Triathlete Magazine/Competitor Group tent in the main expo area. Come by and say hi, I’ll also have some Picky Bars, Specialized, and Roka swag. Saweet!

Free Race Entry Winners

As part of my last blog about how much I love Wildflower, I offered 2 free entries to this years race to my followers. I got a TON of awesome responses from MANY worthy winners. It was tough to choose, but ultimately, I picked the following:

  • Michelle Simmons (@mamasimmons) – Who last did Wildflower 13 years ago after 6 months of Chemo! Crazy story. Anyway, TriCal was kind enough to defer her entry to next year since last minute flights from Hawaii to SF were super expensive. So look forward to hearing more of Michelle’s story down the road.
  • Brent Detta (@dfru) & Jonathan Ralston – These guys had me cracking up at their plan to ManVan down from Bellingham, WA. See the comments section for some of the BS they threw my way. It reminded me way too much of Matt and I two years ago not to hook them up. TriCal generously added another entry for this year so include these guys. I’m excited to hear about their adventures, that’s what this race is all about!
They promised me no trees were harmed in the taking of this picture.

They promised me no trees were harmed in the taking of this picture.

Couple Other Things You May Have Missed because it’s been a busy ass few weeks.

  • Picky Bars New Flavor – Runner’s High! See widget to the right. We launched an crowd-funding project that was a TON of work, and it has blown the doors off our expectations! We’ve now added a “stretch goal” that will enable us to develop flavor #6 months ahead of time. Huge thanks to all of you who contributed. You’re going to love this flavor, it’s hands down my favorite!
  • My Competitor Radio Interview w/Bob Babbit & Paul Huddle. I had an awesome time chatting with these guys about everything from Lauren & Lima Bean, to what was going through my mind the last few miles of Oceanside, to the importance of Wildflower. Have a listen!
  • Wildflower Race Info Podcast w/me & Coach Matt Dixon. We did this last year, but it’s free and public now, and there’s a lot of great info for those racing. Check it out!
  • Triathlete Mag Article – How to Nail Your Race Pic – a little tongue in cheek article about prepping for the perfect shot! Among the MANY incredibly valuable tips is going for the Ryan Gosling look, “This involves a sturdy look into the distance, purposeful. Pain is only slightly detectable deep in the eyes. It’s like you’re working hard, but it doesn’t matter because you’re beautiful.”

Race Preview

Despite big races elsewhere, the men’s field is the most competitive I’ve ever raced here. Joe Gambles, Paul Ambrose, Clayton Fettell, Leon Griffin & Jeff Symonds are just a few of the names I recognize as dudes I know are super strong. It’s going to be ridiculously hot too, so I’m prepping myself for a serious barn burner.

But like I mentioned in the Competitor Radio interview, I’m approaching this race with a much different mindset than before. Last year, I was a nervous wreck. I was defending my first ever win, on the cover of Triathlete Magazine, and still an unproven racer. I needed to win to prove to myself that I wasn’t a one hit wonder, and no pressure is greater than the pressure you can put on yourself.

This year, I’m much more relaxed. Not because the race will be easy, like I said, it’s going to be a slugfest. But the race doesn’t mean as much to my ego as it did last year, I feel legitimized as a professional triathlete, and I know good races come and go. I’ve had some breakthrough training the last few weeks, so I’m excited to see what you my body can do on the right day, but you never know if the right day turns up on race day. Regardless, I’m looking forward to putting myself in the pain cave and rewarding that pain with some cool beer and campfire post race.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend, have a fun one!

So awesome to be back. #Wildflower  #nofilter

9 comments to 2013 Wildflower Preview

  • Josh

    Good luck out there Jesse! Get that 3-Peat! We’ll be following Twitter and cheering you on from San Diego.

  • MBS

    Just remember the words of Phil Dunphy as he said to Luke in the magic episode, “THIS IS YOUR MOMENT! I’M NOT LETTING YOU GIVE UP ON YOUR TALENT!”

    When in doubt, what would Phil do? “It’s a beautiful day, m’boy, let’s lace ’em up!”


  • Laurel F

    I’m going to have to figure out at a good way to hide my phone in my Bible so I can sneaking peeks at twitter throughout the morning. I don’t think God will mind… you never know, maybe He’s a crazy ass fan, too? Best wishes!! 🙂

  • Brent

    Thanks so much Jesse! Although it’s @dfru for Detta Family Racing Unit and not Dr. FU. Ha but looking forward to an epic weekend. Writing this during the road trip…driving all night! ALL NIGHT LONG!

  • Justin Model

    Good luck Jesse. Rooting for a 3k crown

  • Enjoy it and make it a threepeat!

  • John b

    Always our best to you on race day…may the force, energy and a break in the weather be with you. Thanks for doing the contest for the free entries Jesse…I was hoping Michelle would get an entry so that will be cool…a lot of CA Fans will be thinking of her. And of course the 2 bros form Bellingham, Brent and Jon…OK guys, put on the your Jesse shoes and show us what you have!

  • Good Luck Jesse! Have fun on that gnarly course! Drink like a fish!

  • Great win, Jesse! It was amazing to get to meet you! I’m part of the Cal Poly Wildflower planning committee and I took a picture of you and my bf, Ryan Snuggs. Anyways, I am now a big fan of you! You’re an inspiration!

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