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Kona 2013: Return of the Fro

Beloved Crazy Ass Fans, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for. We’ll take a break from our regularly scheduled Post Op Updates to bring you….

Jesse in Kona, Part III: Return of the FRO.

It’s clear that in the lead-up to my 3rd (spectating only, but still very tiring) visit to Kona, that this will be my most challenging year yet. The forecast calls for otherworldly heat, humidity, salt water and sand, some of which may be unrelenting, indomitable, painful even. They’ll do their best to push my fro to wild, crazy, freakishly primal new levels of bushy-ness. Do I have the strength and tools necessary to tame the raging beast? Only time will tell.

Don’t fear, there are ways that you can follow, even aid me in my journey. Here’s How:

#KonaCam with Triathlete Magazine (http://triathlete.com/Kona2013)

My biggest assignment of the week is to share video of any and all aspects of the Kona leadup with you all via Triathlete Magazine’s Kona 2013 Coverage. Every day, I’ll upload videos of some of the fun, cool, scary, and very hairy aspects of the lead-up to the race. What do you want to see? Let me know! Use hashtag #KonaCam.

#KonaCam is sweeping the nation so much that they made a graphic for it.

Jesse’s #KonaCam is clearly sweeping the nation. (Thanks Matt Collins & Triathlete Magazine for another amazing/ridiculous graphic)

Bike Rides with Specialized

I’ll also lead two leisurely (social) bike rides from the Specialized expo booth on Wednesday and Friday morning at 8 am. We’ll ride for an hour or so and chat it up, so join us! If you don’t have a bike, Specialized will have Shiv’s to demo, so come by early and sign up!

Specialized Kona Schedule

Q & A and Swim with ROKA

I’ll be chatting with you and the ROKA guys at their booth on Thursday at 10am. I’ll also be at the Kona Pier for an easy pre-race swim on Friday morning around 6am. Come hang out at either time and learn a bit about the fastest/coolest swim stuff on the planet!

I promise I won't be so serious at the ROKA booth.

I promise I won’t be so serious when you come say hi at the ROKA booth.

Picky Bars All Day Every Day at ROKA Booth

The ROKA guys have generously offered to carry Picky Bars at their booth, where they’ll be on special Kona sale $2 each or 6 for $10! So go check ‘em out. Chances are if you see me anywhere during the week I’ll have some extras as well…

In summary, here’s the schedule:

  • Every Day – #KonaCam. I’ll be “reporting” from all over the place and posting videos on Triathlete Magazine’s Website. Tweet me using hashtag #KonaCam, or if you see me, say hi, and grab a Picky Bar while supplies last!
  • Every Day – Picky Bars at the ROKA expo booth!
  • Wednesday 8am – Social bike ride and Shiv demos at the Specialized booth.
  • Thursday 8am – I’m going to Underpants Run
  • Thursday 10am – Visit me at the ROKA booth.
  • Friday 6am – Come swim at the Kona Pier and demo some ROKA products.
  • Friday 8am – Follow that swim with a chill ride on a Shiv at the Specialized booth.
  • Saturday 6am – WATCH the race.

Tweet me, Facebook me, Instagram me, follow at http://triathlete.com/Kona2013, or come join me for one or all of the things above!  This week will be an incredible challenge to say the least, I could really use your support in keeping Fro in check. Looking forward to hanging out. Booyah!

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