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Five Things I’ve Done Since My Ironman

Crazy Ass Fans, It’s Ok, You Can Stop Crying Now!

I know at least one to two of the MULTIPLE DOZENS of of you have been crying non stop since October waiting for me to update this blog, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been incredibly busy as you’ll see below but I also mostly just wanted to extend as long as possible the unimaginable glory of having my Ironman win on my blog. But now it’s just plain embarrassing that I haven’t updated this thing since September, so here we go. Here are five things I’ve done since Ironman:

I Took SIX Weeks Off

Yep, that’s right six ALL CAPS weeks off. I actually stupidly tried to run about 6 days after my IM in Sweden because it was beautiful and I wanted to explore but my body wasn’t having it. Lesson #1 of Ironman for me is: 1) Chill the fudgsicle out after you do it because even though you’re stoked your body is tired as balls. So anyway, that’s what I did, and it was great. It honestly was the easiest break I’ve ever taken, maybe because I was on such a high after the crazy finish to the year. It was nice to spend a bunch of extra time with family, drinking beer, eating, etc. Overall, all good stuff.

My training log post IM

My training log post IM

Acted Basically Like a Real CEO at Picky Bars

Outside of drinking beer, getting plump and spending more time with family, I spent ~40 hours a week in the office at Picky Bars HQ. We had some pretty critical issues hitting the fan with our subscription service the Picky Club, some supply chain stuff, and some other exciting stuff I can’t quite talk about yet, but will fill you guys in soon on. So anyway, I jumped in and got things rolling as best I could. While it’s all “work” I enjoy it just as much as training and racing, and it was a nice break after a few months of really intense focus on the championship portion of the season. It certainly keeps me busy, but I like the yin and yang of having the two competing with each other for my time, each one is a break from the other. If you’re interested in the honest highs and lows of Picky Bars from inside the HQ, read my 2015 CEO Recap.

I Broke My Pinky Toe

Yep, that happened. EASILY the lowpoint of my winter. After taking 6 weeks off and slowly building back into it and feeling great for about 4-5 weeks, I had an unfortunate grocery unloading accident. No, I’m not joking, but it is funny I guess kind of. While taking an empty grocery bag off our stove, the bag handle caught on a grate and pulled it corner first onto my bare pinky toe. Poor Jude was there to witness. It made a pretty deep gash and I knew immediately it was broken because it hurt bad, so needless to say I was fairly frustrated and Jude learned a lot of new words. He started crying and kept repeating “put a bandaid on it!” Once I did he calmed down and it’s been an on and off topic of conversation since. He liked to use crutches like me, tape his toe like me, and one dinner party about 5 weeks later he spontaneously retold the story in detail to our guests, new words included. I then explained to him that those words were for adults only and only when they are very very very frustrated.

The result of an unfortunate Grocery Unloading Accident.

The result of an unfortunate Grocery Unloading Accident.

I Learned (term used loosely) How to Skate Ski

I should say I started skate skiing, didn’t really “learn,” but just taught myself and am really enjoying it. One of the upsides of breaking my toe and having 18 inches of snow on the ground meant the only way I was going to do anything outside was to finally learn how to get on the snow. After 4 weeks I could do so pain free and have been increasingly stoked on this cross training activity, something I’ve always wanted to do in Bend but never had the time. It will definitely become a staple in my winter training going forward and maybe eventually will let me take a crack at the Pole Pedal Paddle WITHOUT an asterisk.

Happy New Year everyone! Hoping 2016 brings us all new goals, challenges, and successes!

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I Got New Wheels – Knight Composites

As I’ve mentioned before, offseason time is sponsorship time and I have a couple of new partnerships to announce, but the first one on the docket is Knight Composites in Bend, OR.

Those of you who’ve followed me since the beginning know that Rolf Prima was my first sponsor back in Eugene. I have TREMENDOUS respect and admiration for Brian Roddy (owner) and his entire staff, their products, their company, and the people in general. I am tremendously thankful for the support that they gave me over the years and wish them nothing but the best of luck down the road.

So why Knight? While they clearly make fantastic products that are wind tunnel proven (here’s a great article of their background, science, and staff), the draw to Knight for me was investing in the Bend business community. I was born and raised here, have my family and business here, and clearly view Bend as my current and long term home. It’s a rare opportunity for me to be able to support a company with a world class product in my sport that is locally owned and operated. When I met Bev Lucas and chatted about Knight and their plans, it all just seemed to fit for where I am now and what’s important down the road. I’m very excited to support this company and hope that big things happen for them, and as a result, the Bend business community in general.

Stoked to partner with local Bend wheel maker, Knight Composites for 2016!

Stoked to partner with local Bend wheel maker, Knight Composites for 2016!

If you have any interest or questions in their wheels, let me know. They’ve also given me a discount code for my followers – “jesserocks!” – which gets you 20% off an order with them. Check them out and let me know what you think.

More New Partnerships, Schedule, and Other Stuff Coming Soon.

Like I said, I’ve got a couple of other partnerships to announce in the coming weeks as well as my plans for the season. Things have been a little shaken up since the unfortunate grocery unloading accident, but I’m still hoping to open the season at 70.3 Oceanside on April 2, but I’ll know for sure my plans hopefully in the next couple of weeks as my running continues to progress. You obviously can track my progress on Strava, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Thanks as always for following along and hope everyone had an awesome offseason!


Had the big pool all to ourselves. So lots of time for "up and downs" and "blastoffs." #superadvanced

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For those of you who only read this blog for pictures of Jude – my favorite pic of the offseason!

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