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What’s Up With Leap Day

So I’m in the middle of an enormo Kona training camp, and to be honest, would rather take a nap or catch up on Glee than write a blog, but I know my stark raving mad fans would be up in arms if I didn’t address the title, nay, the namesake, of their most beloved blog. So here I am, free flowing to see what happens.

This blog is called Leap Day Sports because I was born on Leap Day. Today is Leap Day, so today is my birthday. I’m 8. Ok, you get it.

To be honest, I don’t know much about Leap Day except that it only comes every four years and it’s my birthday. Growing up, I didn’t need to know more than that. I think the calendar guys put the extra day in every four years to account for the discrepancy between lunar tides, anti-matter, and Jennifer Aniston’s latest hairdo.

People always ask me stuff about Leap Day, and I obviously never have any idea what I’m talking about. So I decided to do some research and answer some of the questions I typically get, some of the questions I ask myself, and some of the questions that should and probably would never be asked. Below in no particular order are some Leap Day Q & A:

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

Q: Are there any fun Leap Day traditions?

A: Apparently, Leap Day is the day when women propose to men. I am not joking, came up on the first page of “what is leap day” google search. Include-worthy for the photo alone.

Q: Is there a theme song for Leap Day?

A: I couldn’t find one, but I did find a band called Leap Day. Here’s their most listened to song on myspace. Props if you can make it through the whole thing without turning down the volume.

Q. Do you know anyone else with a Leap Day birthday?

A. Yes, actually my Aunt Rhonda turns 15 today! She’s a great supporter, reader of this blog, and Picky Bar customer. Happy Birthday Rhonda!

Q: Are there any celebrities born on Leap Day?

A: Turns out February 29th is a weak ass celebrity birthday. Only ones I could find were Tony Robbins and Ja Rule. However, it did remind me of a hilarious Ja Rule part of a Dave Chappelle skit, so we’re all good.

What does Ja Rule think of all this? (warning: some funny but foul language)

Q. Do you celebrate your birthday on Feb 28th or March 1st?

A. No. I don’t celebrate it on either day. I save it ALL for the real thing. Ok, that’s not entirely true, but I have had some fairly huge parties on the actual day.

The only non-incriminating photo of the 7th birthday.

  • When I was 12, my mom took me and a bunch of friends ice skating and mini golfing in Bend. Does it get any better than that? Then, when the parents weren’t looking, we made out with each other. That’s how we made it even better.
  • When I was 24, I had a 6 year old theme birthday. So we did all the normal stuff you do as a six year old – played with toys, pin the tale on the donkey, wore transformers T shirts. Oh yeah, except we did it drunk. The highlight was definitely the Spongebob Squarepants bouncy castle with 40 of my closest friends.
  • #7 (2008) was the most epic – Ocean’s Seven. I rented a place, rented a casino company, and ~120 of my family and friends from all walks of life came to Eugene to gamble with money that had MY FACE ON IT. Soooooo booyah. The Lane Transit District even sent a bus to give us a free ride to the Rock n’ Rodeo afterwards – a place about as awesome and terrible as it sounds.

The yard glass was a "gift" from my Ardica buddies on #7. They definitely didn't try to get me to drink 7 of them. They would never do that to me. Ever.

Q: What are you going to do to celebrate this year?

A: Admittedly, this year will not be the party of EPIC PROPORTIONS from 2008. World’s collided this year with my new “job,” being in Kona to train, and the pretty crappy timing of Leap Day falling on a Wednesday. I’m bummed not to be celebrating with some of my good buddies back home, but I am planning on celebrating as much as possible here. After a rather large day of training (5500 swim, 4hr ride, 70 min run – training camp is hard, seriously), I’ll head out for sushi and sake with the rest of the purplepatch crew training here in Kona. When I get back to Eugene next week, I’ll do a double celebration with my little bro Joel, who turns 30 on March 6th!

Q: What does Leap Day mean to you?

A: Honestly, I’ve always thought that being born on Leap Day was the coolest thing about me. I’d bet the people who know everything else about me would agree.

My mom says that I knew, from the womb, that the 29th was coming, and I held out for 30+ hours until it did. I’ve been told that Leap Day is the day of eternal youth, which might help explain 1) How I’ve escaped four semi legitimate brushes with death (much longer blog, but it’s coming sometime), and 2) why I still look 14 years old with a clean shave.

Seriously, it’s been awesome to celebrate Leap Day as the year’s progress. If anything, it gives me a reason to try and make a big deal out of myself. Hopefully I’ll have many more to celebrate down the road. In fact – here is a public invite to anyone that reads this blog to my 10th (40th) B-Day in 2020. I’ve looked ahead, and yes, it lies on a Saturday, boomshakalaka! I’ll say right now it’s most likely going to be in Bend, but seriously look me up and you’re invited.

That’s it from Kona! I’ll leave you with a link to the most recent 30 Rock Episode, which was all about Leap Day and all it’s awesomeness. Enjoy!