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In case you didn’t notice, triathlon is expensive.  Luckily, relationships with the amazing companies below ease the financial pain by providing me equipment, services, and financial support.  Do me a favor by checking them out, and if you do, tell them that I sent you :).

I’m always looking to build meaningful relationships with great people and companies. I’m willing and excited to think outside the box in terms of product and promotion, so whether you or someone you know is a regular tri sponsor, or something entirely different, I’d love to chat!

Thanks for the support!


Top Sponsors

Company Why It’s Awesome
 descente-aktualne-logo-small I am so excited and honored to be the primary global male triathlete for Descente as they enter the European and US market over the next three years. In addition to global marketing campaigns, I also get to play a strong role in helping develop their triathlon, run, and cycling lines for the US and Europe. It’s an incredible opportunity that I honestly never would have dreamed of when haphazardly starting this sport six years ago. I’ve been remarkably impressed by the quality and design of both the custom and inline products I’ve received from Korea and Japan, and it’s been so much fun to work with an international team. Jaehwan, Catherine, and the the rest of their staff are super capable and have shown a ton of enthusiasm to work with me. I’m stoked to continue to develop and release products together.
ROKA-LOGO_black-cyan copy Rob and Kurt were first introduced to me by a mutual friend who said, ‘These two guys are former Stanford swimmers, crazy smart, motivated, and want to make a super fast wetsuit for you.’ That email chain began a 12 month collaboration in which we’ve worked hand in hand, combining their innovations with feedback from dozens of prototypes to develop the fastest wetsuit possible.It’s no secret that I’m not the fastest swimmer in the race. I will never be first out of the water. So why is my collaboration with ROKA important? Because making a suit for the rest of us is different than making a suit for the bare chested swimming studs of the world.I’m psyched to partner with ROKA because I know, without a doubt, that the Maverick is the fastest suit I’ve ever worn, that it isn’t fast just because fast swimmers use it, but because it makes me, a developing swimmer, remarkably faster.
images Red bull has been nothing short of a fantastic partner providing incredible support and infrastructure to my pursuit of my own limits. Ashley, Steve, Josh, and Per have shown a ridiculous amount of support for me and my career, and are flat our great people who I’m honored to have as part of my “team.” I know they’re behind me for the long haul and support my long term goals and dreams as much as anyone on this page. And, when I need that lift, it really does give me wings!
logo In addition to racing, I’m also the CEO of Picky Bars, a company that creates gluten & dairy Free, all natural energy bars with a macronutrient ratio ideal for exercise & recovery. As the tagline says, “It’s Freakin’ Science, Dude.” They were originally created by Lauren Fleshman, a 2x US 5k Champ (also happens to be my wife) & her buddy, Steph Rothstein (stud marathoner). In two years, we’ve added 3 time employees and grown roughly 400% a year. They are very, very good, seriously.  Beyond the fact that I eat 2-4 a day during exercise (my record is seriously 11 during a monster day), the proceeds also help pay the bills, and keep me balanced with (lots of) stuff to do outside of training.
Stoked to partner with local Bend wheel maker, Knight Composites for 2016! Dimond Bikes is a small, talented, and passionate startup with innovative design in Des Moines, Iowa. As an entrepreneur and an athlete, I am so stoked to partner with this incredible team because I believe in their products and vision. Read the full story here.
download I’m super stoked to have an awesome partnership with JayBird. They make some radical bluetooth headphones that I use basically all day ever day. Riding, running, business calls, talking to the wif, you name it. Yes, I sometimes call my mom on easy runs. Gotta love em. Plus, they’re good peeps. Check them out and get some!
Re-Fuel logo round All my crazy fans know that I’m a bit of a camera dork out on my rides, runs, and even swims, always looking for the “pure gold” shot for my instagram. Well, Re-Fuel is my newest sponsor and the makers of some awesome battery and camera accessories that enable me to do what I do out there on the road. Their ActionPackPro is always attached to my GoPro and enables me to get that golden shot after hours of riding, running or swimming, even if I forgot to charge it before heading out. If you’ve got an action cam, or even an iphone that you use for pics, definitely check out their stuff before heading out.
knight-logo1 I was born and raised in Bend, have my family and business here. It’s my current and long term home. It’s a rare opportunity for me to be able to support a company with a world class product in my sport that is locally owned and operated. When I met Bev Lucas and chatted about Knight and their plans, it all just seemed to fit for where I am now and what’s important down the road. I’m very excited to support this company and hope that big things happen for them, and as a result, the Bend business community in general.
a4059d2dce844bdc049cabc6f45cf141 PowerTap provides me with the stuff I need to train properly on the bike. That includes PowerTap meters and Joule computers for my bike, and the best trainer on the planet, the Power Beam Pro – being an Oregon boy, I use that one a lot! Check ’em out for some great stuff.


Other Supporters

Company Why It’s Awesome
  Matt Dixon at purplepatch fitness is my coach/guide/yoda.  He’s guided my entire career and needless to say, it’s been awesome. Over the years he’s become a friend and a general mentor as well. I owe a HUGE part of my success in the sport to him.
logo_1633 Gerry Rodrigues at Tower26 has played an instrumental role in taking this doggy paddle swimmer and turning him in to a competitive pro. I can’t understate the effect he’s had on my swim preparation. If you’re looking for guidance in this are, he’s the one person in the world you want to talk to.
Clean Bottles have a screw off top AND BOTTOM!  This means your bottle doesn’t get grandmaster funky.  Dave, the founder of Clean Bottle, is a buddy of mine from college, a very cool entrepreneur and a great guy!  Check ’em out!
Green Sports Psychology Dr. Greene provides me with some additional mental prep around racing, training, and life. Balancing the mental side of the game is the key to sustainable performance and a happy life! Thanks Dr. Greene!

13 comments to Support Crew

  • J$ — what metrics does rest wise use? Just curious, the nerdy side of me. Hope all is cool in Jesse Town.

  • Jesse Thomas

    Hey Meggie – Restwise metrics are HR, weight, SP02, hours of sleep, and then a number of other "soft factors" like how you feel, how training went, etc.  It's been pretty good at predicting the way I'll feel that day, and gives me an objective number that tells me when I need to rest (if I don't see that low number, than I typically think I can just power through). 

  • James

    you know the clean bottle guy?! the same one who was on TV every single day during the last TDF? the TV commentators loved that guy.

  • Russell

    Congrats on your win at WF. Just curious which exercises you are doing during your TRX sessions?


  • Jesse Thomas

    Russell, thanks for the question. So far, I’ve mostly done the basic TRX workout, the one that comes with the kit. It’s tough enough for me just doing the EZ stuff, and I feel like it gives me general strength and flexibility in all the major muscle areas. As I get more comfortable with it, I’ll progress to harder exercises, but for now, one step at a time!

  • Gerardo Rodriguz

    Jesse, me an my gf saw you make it in the top 10 of the Panama half ironman. Congrats, you should post a brief comment or feeling about your Panama competion on your blog.

  • Jeff

    Congrats on Wildflower ’12! Such a great event and experience.
    Go Ducks!!

  • jack v

    I was wondering who you had paint your helmet? I have a specialized evade and thinking about having it custom painted. I’m also a proud dimond owner 🙂

  • Hey Jesse, just got my first sponsor who is providing me with financial support this year and I’m thinking of getting a power meter. I like the look of the powertap pedals, what are they like?

    • Jesse Thomas

      Hey Sam, congrats! I love the P1 pedals. They’re by far the most convenient and easy to use power meter I’ve ever had. Easy to switch bikes, use with race wheels vs training wheels, install, connect, etc. Plus they measure single leg power so you can get a bunch of extra data. Only adjustments you’ll have to make are using their cleat (instead of a standard shimano/look) and they’re 3-5mm higher, so you’ll likely need to raise your seat a hair. Honestly, easily my favorite power meter.

  • John Briley

    What happened with Pearl Izumi?

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