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Rev3 Portland Preview & Info

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! July 10 – Rev3 Portland, OR.  8am – 12pm PST.

View from the Rev3 Bike Course. Mountains & Rivers. Love it.

My oh my I’m excited to race in the great state of Oregon.  It’s my first pro tri in my home state and I’d love to represent.  The course is flat and fast (not necessarily my fave) but it’s beautiful and the weather should be right up my alley.  The Pro field including Jesse Bob Dylan Thomas (Cate Blanchett version according to my buddy Sharma), is very competitive, but I’m still new enough to racing that I don’t know what to expect or who to look out for.  So Matt told me to race within myself, and of course to visualize all my competitors as little fluffy teddy bears.  So if you’re wondering what I’m thinking out on race day, it’ll be something about teddy bears.

How to Follow:

From the Interweb: Here is the main race page http://rev3tri.com/portland/portland-news/.  They will have some mix of live updates and even live video on race day (try the “Live” button at the top on Sunday).  I also did a video interview with them today (Friday) as a race preview which should be posted on the site sometime Saturday.  You can of course also follow my Twitter & Facebook, where I’ll post before and after the race, maybe during if I can find someone to do it for me.

If you’re in Portland: Race starts at 8am, and it’s at Blue Lake Park, about 10 miles east of Portland.  It’s a fairly good spectator course because we’ll do 2 laps on the bike, and two out and backs on the run.  You should be able to see quite a bit.  If you decide to come out, please do three things:  1) Yell very loud for me, 2) Make me laugh somehow, 3) Come find me afterward and say what’s up.

Also, I just posted my latest tip blog – 5 Tips for Taking a Mid Season Break. It’s basically the story of my mid-season break after Boise, and why you should do what I did.  It also has a theme song by Paul Simon performed by the Muppets.  Check it out.

4 comments to Rev3 Portland Preview & Info

  • Tbone

    Hey man, major good luck tomorrow – I would love to see you tear up a home state race. I’ll be excited to hear how the rev3 experience is. It seems like they really try to do it right for the athletes.

  • Zachary

    awesome… Very excited.

  • marian

    have a great race tomorrow! see you at the finish line! (i am a volunteer there)

  • sandra sharma

    Congratulations on your 4th place finish in Portland .Wow you were certainly close to the first 3 placers in this race to the tape.Wonderful time 3.52.02,a P.R.for sure.A star is continuing to shine!!!With those top 5 finishers under your belt you are showing consistency ,commitment and courage. Well done Jesse!!!

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