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Amazing Survey Results

Well, the results are in. The hoards of raving fans have spoken, and I have listened. I think.

Why I Created This Survey

I love blogging, especially when I hear back from you guys. But beyond the people that comment directly on the post, facebook, or twitter, I don’t know who you are, or what you’re interested in.  So to start off the new year, I created a survey that tried to figure out a couple of things:

  1. Which topics you like the most – Race reports, training tips, mid season updates, the latest trends in fashion, etc.
  2. Which style you like the most:
    • Funny stuff – Random stories, my HILARIOUS jokes, digs on Matt Lieto, or
    • Informative stuff – Training tips, racing tips, how to balance stuff and do triathlon, how I train, etc.

A debate has been raging inside my head as to whether people come here to laugh, or to be informed (believe it or not, it does happen). I needed to know how to balance funny with informative, and what types of posts have been most interesting to you guys. So yeah, that’s what I did.

What You Said

The percentages below are the combined percentages of survey respondents that responded either “Very Interested” or “Most Interested” to the following topics/formats.

Topics Results

Damn. I was just about to post the awesomest blog on the latest trends in fashion.


Hmmm, "Entertainment" meant being entertained (vs. educated) by my blog. I think people mistook "Entertainment" for me writing about Brangelina and Kim Kardashian, which is a bummer because I have some really strong opinions on both of them.



You’re comments were simply off the hizzy. Seriously appreciated. I wish I could post them all, but it would be a tad long. So I’ll post them all in the online results spreadsheet (at least check out line 31 about bowel movements). For entertainment purposes, here are some of my favorite on the shorter side – in response to the question “Any other things you’d like me to write about?”

I don't have any photographic evidence of my high school dunking ability, but it probably looked something like this (google search, "white kid dunking"). I'll see if I can get sworn testimony from a witness on the Stanford XC team.

  • How many individual small animals could you take in a fight? Eg. 5 red pandas vs 1 Jesse Thomas.
  • Some more of the stories you alluded to in the Competitor radio interview (dunking? -pics or it didn’t happen!)
  • I love reading about the struggles and the challenges along the way. It’s nice to hear about ways you pro creatures are also human. Days you just don’t want to get into the pool, days you want to sit on the couch and eat red vines and Mr. Pibb (crazy delicious).
  • Need to know if you are going to set a new race trends beforehand. Rocking the aviators caught all off guard with their awesomeness! 
  • How I can find a husband in 2012. 
  • Lauren, Man-van, Olympics, race calendars, incentives to “go pro” versus remaining an age grouper, Matt Lieto
  • random thoughts while training…
Probably my most favorite:
  • How do you expect to use your legendary status as a professional athlete and gonzo journalist to resolve some of the globe’s most intractable problems: poverty, malaria, middle east tension, the fact that CHPS is not longer available on TV, etc.

Yes, I will blog about each of these topics this year. Thank you for the ideas.

I love how the “i” & “s” just appear out of nowhere.

Drawing Winners

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget, I will select 3 names of the survey respondents and get them a free varsity pack of Picky Bars. If they’re down, maybe I do a quick pic/profile on them as well. So all of you who responded, keep your inbox clear of clutter!

My Brilliant Conclusions:

I don't like Matt Lieto, but apparently you do.

In absolutely no particular order – here are some of the things I think I heard from the masses:

  • Informative is good, funny is great. If going informative, go funny informative – It’s fairly clear that people are more interested in funny stuff than informative stuff. I’ll keep that the focus – it’s what I like to do anyway. However, I got a bunch of comments asking for information (eg, training, balance, etc). So if I go informative, it must be informative funny or all is lost. Got it.
  • Maybe I post a bit about “Jesse’s Training”? – I don’t know if I’ve even written anything specifically about my training, so maybe some blogs on this down the road? People were interested in quality vs. quantity, swimming progression, how I fit it all in, etc.
  • I need to write more often – I didn’t ask if I should write more often, because I already knew the answer – yes! A number of people confirmed my suspicion in the comments. I’ll do my best to keep it a little more consistent and a bit shorter. I just love the sound of my voice…in my head.
  • Matt Lieto is kind of a big deal – I had at least five people comment on the ManVan and specifically Matt Lieto. Maybe I’ll get him to do a guest blog?
  • Private response box? – I was amazed at how many people commented in (and even took) the survey. I typically get 10-30 comments a blog, and I got WAY MORE responses. I suspect that more people would give me feedback/ideas/comments if they weren’t made public through the blog’s comments, so I’m going to start including a box that submits straight to me for those that want to give non-public feedback/comments. See below.
  • You have given me a mandate to write about whatever the hell I want – As much as people want the focus to be triathlon stuff – “Random Observations About Anything” took a BURLEY 66%!! Just behind training tips and in front of racing tips, and mid season updates. A bunch of comments about “random thoughts”, etc. It’s clear that as long as it’s funny then it’s cool.

My final Conclusion: Your feedback is Rad

Your responses were awesome. The were informative, gave me a ton of ideas for blogs down the road, and also motivated me to keep it going and keep it consistent. I really appreciate it, and will do my uphold the will of the legions!

What Do You Think?

Like I said above, If you want to leave some more feedback/comments/thoughts that won’t be public, below is a comment that will go straight to me. But also feel free to let me know your thoughts in the “comments” section below, and of course on facebook, or twitter. Peace out!


9 comments to Amazing Survey Results

  • zachinacubicle

    The spreadsheet was very cool. But ultimately what I like most is that you are engaged with us as readers. It might just be your nature but you take the time to appreciate what you can do and where your career is at and then share the love with us. Pretty cool. Oh and I want a picture next to my comments…

  • Sweet – I made the bullet point list of shorter favorites (2nd to last one)! I thought you might also write about the two awesome girls from Seattle you met on Ali’i who asked all about Picky Bars and NYCM. We were also the ones who showed up at the Slowtwitch party late and lurked around until we got free beer. Remember us? Thank you for the Picky Bar samples. Looking forward to reading your entertaining and informative posts in 2012 and also excited to see how the year unfolds.

  • MWW

    I’m stoked to have presented the “most favorite”, but… was that my 15 seconds of fame? Damn. That sure blew past quickly.

  • james

    I saw Jesse dunk in high school. I’m a WITNESS. Yes, it was on a 10 foot hoop, and it was amazing. He threw that volleyball down with authority! As for dunking a basketball, I’d also like photographic proof.

  • I was really hoping to learn fashion tips from Sir Match A Lot. Damn.

  • Tom

    Just slipped on the aviators and ran a victory lap around the bike trainer for making “most favorite”-short-enough-comment-to-post list. Bring on the 2012 race season!

  • fantastic points altogether, you just won a logo new reader. What could you recommend in regards to your put up that you simply made some days in the past? Any positive?

  • Nutter

    Jesse dunked on his recruiting trip to Stanford on the Arrillaga basketball court. I don’t think we had a basketball, but it was clear he had the height to put it down if we had one. Lots of guys witnessed it, and we all went crazy when we saw how high he could jump…most of us only had a few inches vert, so seeing a runner who could jump was impressive to all of us. We also went crazy, b/c we were recruiting him and wanted to make him feel special.

  • Like it. Thank a lot for posting this. I will definitely come to your site to see what’s new and tell my coworkers about your writing.

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