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2013 Kick Off Quiz!

Do Doooooooo! Do Doooooo! Do Dooooooo! No, that’s not me practicing the how I will talk to baby after it’s crapped it’s pants, that’s me using one of those horns from the knights and princesses days to summon the DOZENS of Crazy Ass Fans from all the land. Come hither, you crazy ass like you’ve been drinking mead all morn’ long at the ale house fans! Off season ‘tis over!

Come all ye Crazy Ass Fans!

To let us all warm up before the blogging season is unleashed, and to see how well you’ve all been paying attention on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Strava, I’ve posted a little 2013 Jesse Beiber Quiz before I spill the beans on what’s been going down.

Since you all have been so patient, I’ll also send a box of Picky Bars to three random people that submit answers. Deadline is Wednesday night! I’ll post answers & explanations on Thursday morning!

Let 2013 begin!

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