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A March Update

Heyo Crazy Ass Fans! A few quick updates to satisfy your insatiable Jesse cravings!

Not Racing Oceanside

The craziest of you who follow my Facebook,  Twitter, or Instagram know that I’ve announced I won’t be racing Oceanside on Saturday. It’s a longer story than I’d like to get into, but after some awesome training in Kona, I found out that the pin had to be removed from my surgery site because my foot was rejecting it. This is fairly common – 1 in 7 or so, and I just drew the unlucky end of the stick. So I had it removed, and the setback has cost me about 6 weeks of running, hence no Oceanside. I’m super bummed to miss out on the opportunity to race an incredible field on a course I love, but I have to be smart and patient after coming this far.

I've used this image as motivation for a lot of workouts over the last year. Looks like I'll have to wait one more year to take a crack at it. (Photo Kevin Koresky/TriLounge).

I’ve used this photo as motivation for a lot of workouts the last year. Looks like I’ll have to wait one more year before I can take a crack at it. (Photo Kevin Koresky/TriLounge).

But, I will be at the Oceanside Expo Accenture Booth – Friday 10-11am

I am still headed down to the race to watch and spend some time with the Accenture folks and the Challenged Athletes Foundation, both of whom have been incredible supporters of my career so far. Please come by the booth for some Picky Bars, an autograph card, or if you’d like me to kiss your baby. I heard they’re also demoing Google Glass there, so if anything come to check that out. Nerd Alert!

Come to the Accenture Booth and let me kiss your baby.

Come to the Accenture Booth on Friday 10-11am and let me kiss your baby.

My Training is Going Well

Despite the setback on the running side, my swim and bike is as good as it’s ever been. I did an awesome workout in the Specialized Win Tunnel last Wednesday with some solid, semi continuous half ironman efforts. For the 1h40m I averaged over 320 watts, including 10 minutes of rest intervals. I’m excited to see where this bike fitness leads. As always, you can follow all my workouts with power, pace, etc, on my Strava page.

I’m headed to Wildflower

I’m super excited to head back to Wildflower for my 4th year in a row. Obviously, my expectations will be different this time around – I’ll be happy to finish the race safely and smoothly. But I feel like after a long, windy, and admittedly frustrating year of injury, there is no better place for me to start what I consider the second chapter of my professional athletic career. More on that later, but I’m excited to see you all there.

Yes, it’s been tough. Thank you for the encouragement. 

While I keep a smile on my face as often as I can, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the last few months (year even) has been a real test of my positivity and motivation. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I raced. This recovery process has been much much more difficult than I anticipated when I first set out on it 11 months ago, and I want to tell you that your encouragement along every step of the way has made a huge impact on my motivation and general piece of mind. I also want to give a HUGE thanks to my sponsorsPearl Izumi, Specialized, ROKA, Red Bull, Picky Bars, Jaybird, Rolf Prima, PowerTap, Rebound, and Maximum Mobility for the incredible support over the past year. They’ve all stood by me and encouraged me to do what’s best for the long term health of my foot and career in general. They’re all great people and I feel incredibly lucky to be partnered with them. So please go buy a bunch of their stuff and tell them I sent you.

That’s it guys, as always, thanks for following along, and hopefully next time I’ll have a race to report!



9 comments to A March Update

  • Josh

    Bummed you won’t be racing! The upside is cheering on your boyfriend Matt. Can’t wait to see you back at Wildflower. Stay positive man, you are just about there.

  • Looking forward to seeing you – especially in those Google Glass (photo opp). Too bad you can’t race, but now you get to see everyone freeze face when they exit the water.

  • Brent

    Thanks for your transparency and allowing us to see the inside view. The winning Wildflower with a huge smile and aw shucks attitude is awesome, but to see the ups and downs that we all go thru is truly incredible. Plus, without you Jon and I wouldn’t have got to WF last year – this year there are 8 or 9 of us manvaning down JMT-style. So hope to see you down there but more importantly, get healthy and I know that competitive nature will take over on the SRBR side for WF!

  • AKern

    It definitely has to be hard to ‘visit’ a race that you nearly won a year ago. Ooof. But props to you for thinking long term-the temptation is to not do that and push the recovery. Hopefully Wildflower will give you something to look forward to. Shaking the rust off and getting back into it. Racing smart!

  • Thanks for taking the time with my Dad and I today. You’ll be back to full speed soon enough. Looking forward to cheering you on at Wildflower in a month!

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