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70.3 Mont Tremblant Preview

Bonjour fans de cul fou!

I’m in Mont Tremblant, Quebec and wanted to give you guys a quick head’s up that I’ll be racing tomorrow morning at 7am Eastern. I’ve been here all week and it’s been absolutely fantastic. This place reminds me most of Disneyland, with it’s gondolas, French Chalet’s and generally happy atmosphere. They even have a mascot. But instead of being in LA, It’s nestled in some incredibly dense mountain forests with lakes and stuff. It is amazing.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the race tomorrow will be mostly on the 70.3 World Championships course (slightly different run course). I’ve had a week to swim, ride, and run the entire thing a couple of times, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t miss any turns.

David and I getting mentally prepared to race.

David and I getting mentally prepared to race.

The field is small, but solid. I’ve been training with international man of mystery David Khan all week, who looks ready to go and will wear shorts for the only time this year during the race. Leon Griffin and Trevor Wurtele are here as well and I expect a grudge match from those two as usual. Mostly, I’m hoping to get some much needed points, as now that I’ve seen the course for World’s, I’d like even more to race it come September.

Quick Details:

  • 70.3 Mont Tremblant (Half Ironman)
  • Start – 7am Eastern (4am Pacific)
  • Finish – 11am Eastern, hopefully (8am pacific)
  • On the 70.3 World Championships course
  • I hope I get points

How to Follow:

Since I’m traveling alone again, you’re best bet is to check out the following:

That’s it. Good luck to everyone racing, and see you guys on the other side!

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