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2018 Wildflower Preview + Work Play Love Podcast


I know it’s been a while since I checked in, but my year of Cool Races in Cool Places (CRCP) continues with the one and only Wildflower Triathlon this weekend! You may have heard of it….So I wanted to catch you guys up on a few things since my 3rd place at Challenge Wanaka and finish with some thoughts going into the weekend. A few announcements:

I am racing Challenge Roth on July 1!

I’m really stoked that the hallmark of my CRCP program this year will be Challenge Roth. The race is one of the must do, bucket list events in the world. It is the most spectated triathlon in the world with an estimated three HUNDRED THOUSAND people on course! It’s crazy! The parties after are supposed to be amazing as well. I’m super stoked to go with my family and am deep in training for it now. I’ll also be racing Challenge Heilbronn on my way there, two weeks prior. More to come later.

I finished 6th at Oceanside 70.3.

It certainly wasn’t my best day, but considering an injury I sustained three weeks prior that almost entirely limited my running – I was pretty stoked that the body held up and gave me what it did. Overall it was an awesome weekend with family, including watching Jude race in the Ironkids and a trip to Legoland!

Lauren and I Launched a Podcast! – Work, Play, Love!

Lauren and I wanted to collaborate on some honest, valuable content from both our perspectives in a short, easy to digest format. We know what you’re thinking – the last thing the world needs is another podcast, we felt the same way! But we also felt like there wasn’t a good source for info/discussion/debate on navigating a multifaceted life involving sport, family, and work. In this podcast we keep it simple, and answer YOUR questions on anything about sports, training, racing, family, significant others, kids, work, entrepreneurship and the balance that does and does not lie between! Check us out on apple podcasts and/or on our homepage where you can find us on many other platforms. If you like it, please share, give us a 5 star rating, and of course, submit your questions!

Check out our podcast where we answer your questions about all things sport, family, and biz!

Wildflower Preview – Full Circle

Ok, now that announcements are over, let’s get to the heart of it. After a one year, drought fueled hiatus, Wildflower is back! I’m so so so stoked to head back this year, and in many ways it feels full circle.

When I first came to Wildflower – I was an unknown in the sport, and the sport was an unknown to me. I had vague goals and dreams of becoming a “professional triathlete” – not knowing what that meant or what it would take, look, and feel like. When I surprise won this race in 2011 on a borrowed bike and helmet, hand me down kit, and drug store aviators – I was catapulted onto the triathlon scene in an authentically cinderella story way (here the full, detailed story in a great podcast with my coach, Matt Dixon). It was an “introduction” to the sport I couldn’t have scripted better if I tried, and kicked off what would be an incredible (in both good and some bad) next eight years.

A few things have happened since that first crazy win! Check out the whole story in detail on Purple Patch Podcast here.

Since then, I’ve gone on to become what at least my crazy ass fans would call a successful, legitimate, professional triathlete. I’ve been sponsored and supported, made a living in a way I never imagined when entering the sport. I even have my own signature aviators, sheesh! I won 5 more Wildflowers, a few 70.3s, and two Ironmans – a distance I never even thought I’d do! I’ve competed in Kona twice, had great races, bad races, lots of close losses, big wins, and terrible days. I’ve battled through injuries, successes, failures and the whole gamut. While doing so, I’ve navigated marriage with a highly successful athlete while growing our family with the addition of Jude and Zadie. On top of it all, Picky Bars has grown from side project to a legitimate, internationally distributed and successful business! It’s been a wild ride to say the least.

So instead of heading down to Lake San Antonio in wonder, unknowing bemusement and no expectation – this year I head down knowing exactly what to expect, having experienced it many times before. But the repetitiveness doesn’t make it stale, if anything I feel a little nostalgic. This race means so much, and having missed it last year makes it feel even that much more important. I’m aging and have increased demands and desire to spend more time with kids and business. I don’t know if it will be my last Wildflower, but I’m certainly aware that it could be. And because of that, regardless of outcome, I’ll do my best to enjoy it, to soak in the atmosphere, the race, the experience. I know it’ll be one to remember.

Thanks as always and see you on the other side!

We’ll see if Jude is a little less scared this time when I run by, or if Zadie does the same thing!


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  • jomo

    Go get ’em Jesse! Sadly, I will not be there to experience the race in person this year – life conspires. But I will be thinking of you and everyone else running this weekend. Blessings!

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