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So haven’t had this problem before, but since a few articles, chats, videos, pics, etc have been coming out post Wildflower, I decided to make a “News” page.  There is a significant chance this page will hit a massive lull after Widflower, but I’ll update it whenever new stuff gets thrown my way.  If you find a cool (or crappy) article or picture or whatever that isn’t on here, let me know and I’ll post it.  Thanks!


Ok, huge dump of stuff here from over the last couple of weeks.

Lava Magazine – One Triathlete, 10 Questions with Jesse Thomas – talks about a bunch of stuff, my dream triathlon, my broken neck, my hairy chest, etc, etc.

Holy Crap!  Triathlete Magazine has a two page spread of me at Wildflower.  In their swimsuit edition nonetheless.  Booyah!  Thanks to Kelly Chrisman for the image.


Feature from the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon (My MBA program) – Athlete/Entrepreneur’s Big Win – talks about Picky Bars, how Lauren has helped me, etc.  Good stuff.  Shout out to Nate Kalaf for doing the filming/production.  Nice work Nate!



Interview with Bob Babbit and Paul Huddle on Competitor Radio.  Great times, awesome guys, had a blast.  Talked about Stanford days, my broken neck, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  Good times.  – StreamDownload


Wildflower video posted by TriCenter, pretty funny, with “Who is that guy?” and “Clause C” of my contract with Matt Lieto.

Thanks to Jim McDannald at Track Geek for finding this video of my post race interview with Tri California. It’s long, but has some fun details about the race, my borrowed bike, and Walgreens Aviators.

Thanks to Mackenzie Madison for capturing this video of the announcer recounting the race and my interview during the awards ceremony.

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  • Congratulations on your fantastic achievement at IM Wales 2015. With your Welsh surname it seems fitting that you should achieve Ironman success in Tenby. And thanks for the kind description of the course – I think it is an awesome course (if a little bit mad) – its broken me a couple of times.

    I’ve written a short blog post here about your success and your uncanny resemblance to the Wales’ rugby full back Lee Half Penny which you can find. http://bit.ly/1Kb4URo

    So llongyfarchiadau (congratulations) on your fantastic success.

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