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Schedule & Results

2015 Race Schedule & Results

Date Race Results Report/Goals/Thoughts
Mar 28 Oceanside 70.3 5th Solid start to the season. After a crappy swim, I rode my new Dimond bike to the second fastest time ever on the course, then held on strong to finish 5th in a stacked field.
May 2 Wildflower 1st

Fastest Bike

The Wildflower streak continues with an unprecedented 5th win at my favorite race ever. But the most awesome part of the day is buddy Matt Lieto finishes 2nd, initiating epic bro hug at the line.
May 2 Pole Pedal Paddle 1st

Fastest Bike & Run(s)

The Pole Pedal Paddle is Bend’s biggest race. Typically a alpine ski, nordic ski, bike, run, kayak event, this year due to low snow the nordic was replaced by short trail run, giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to win a local race I always admired.
June 21 Mont Tremblant 70.3  3rd One of the toughest races of my career. A solid swim with a scorching bike sets up a 3 man battle on the run, averaging 5:25/mile for the first 10 miles! I finish 3rd, 4 minute faster than my course record last year!
July 14 NYC Tri 3rd I stepped down to battle the Olympic distance specialists and had a blast doing it. Solid across all three to nab 3rd place, minute faster than last year.
Aug 31 70.3 World Championships 18th

First American

Called for an unfortunate penalty early in the bike, I decide to continue my plan, and have the ride of my life into 5th place before spending 5 minutes in penalty to watch 16 guys pass. I’m proud of myself for executing my plan, finishing, and showing I’m capable of a top 10 at this level. Plus, I did my American flag aviators proud.
??? ???  ??? We’ll see……

2014 Race Results

Date Race Results Report/Goals/Thoughts
May 3 Wildflower 1st Maybe the most shocking performance of my career. After a year off for two foot surgeries, having a baby, and having only run for about 12 days before the race, I somehow have another awesome day at Wildflower to grab an unprecedented 4th win in a row.
June 8 Eagleman 70.3 (81.3) 18th I think, but I won the 81.3! Needing points badly to qualify for 70.3 worlds, I make an unfortunate mistake and miss a turn on the bike, riding an extra 11 miles. Nevertheless, I finish the race and crown myself the Eagleman 81.3 champion!
June 22 Mont Tremblant 70.3  1st

Fastest Bike Fastest Run

An amazing day on the World Championships course. A solid swim, followed by the fastest bike and run of the day results in a course record. These are the days you train for.
June 29 Buffalo Spring 70.3 3rd Not a fan of racing back to back weekends, and even though this trip felt the most like a business trip of my entire career, I get the job done and finish 3rd, adding much needed points to my 70.3 Worlds pursuit.
Sep 7 70.3 World Championships 12th I raced with everything I had on the day, and that’s all you can ask for. Ultimately I’m happy with a solid result in the most stacked half ironman ever.
Sep 21 Princeton 70.3  2nd, barely Earning much needed points for next year, I race in Princeton 2 weeks post worlds, and lose, just barely, in a sprint finish with Russian Viktor Zymetzev. Brutal!

2013 Race Results

Date Race Results Report/Goals/Thoughts
Mar 1 Escape from Alcatraz 3rd An amazing start to the season with a 3rd place finish in a stacked field in one of my favorite races of all time.
Mar 29 Oceanside 70.3  


1:10 half Marathon

In the most exciting race of my career, I ride up to the front of a stacked field, and go toe to toe with 2009 70.3 World Champion Andy Potts, taking the lead until mile 12, before being unfortunately passed with less than half a mile to go. Still, it is the result of my career by far.
May 4 Wildflower 1st

Fastest Run

In a battle with Leon Griffin and Joe Gambles that ultimately broke my foot, I manage to finish, and win the race in one of the most emotional achievements of my career.
 – My season is cut short due to a broken foot sustained at Wildflower. But, I have a son, and chronicle my comeback as I try to prep for the following year.

2012 Race Results

Date Race Results Report/Goals/Thoughts
Feb 13 Panama 70.3 6th Awesome start to the season. Rode a new bike, discovered Beiber survival mode, and found out Lance’s agent liked my glasses – Report here.
March 18 Rev3 Costa Rica 3rd, Fastest Run Swim cap sabotage is redeemed by a solid bike and run, booyah!.
March 31 Oceanside 70.3  3rd, Fastest Run Wow. Fantastic race. My best bike ever, and took a shot at the win. Super fun stuff, read all about it, and listen to the very appropriate soundtrack here.
May 5 Wildflower Long Course 1st, Booyah! A spectacular day, and one of the hardest physical and emotional journeys of my life. Read about how it all went down here.
June 3 Rev3 Quassy 4th A solid result in a super strong field. Didn’t feel my best out there, but stayed tough and with it. Amazing and HARD course, read all about it here.
July 8 Rev 3 Portland  2nd, Fastest BIKE! Fastest BIKE?!? That’s right, my first ever fastest bike split. Came within 23 seconds of the win on one of the best performances of my career. Fun stuff, read about it here.
July 28 Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove Swam, booyah Haven’t written a report yet, but good times hanging with the local crew!
Aug 5 Philippines 70.3  Didn’t Race Decided not to race this year. Needed a big swim push before Worlds. Read my full Change of Plans Here.
Aug 26 Rev3 Maine 1st, Booyah! Probably the best race of my life. Swam front pack, rode into clear second, and was in the lead by mile 2. An awesome day. Super fun Race Report here.
Sep 9 70.3 World Championships 20th Not the day I was hoping for to say the least. You can read the full recap of why I’m proud to have finished here. Also, my preview is here.
Oct 28 70.3 Poconos 1st, Booyah! After a struggle at World’s and a lot of lost confidence, I decided it was best to get back on the horse and give it another try. I came away with a convincing win, and an awesome story to boot.
Oct 28 Rev3 Florida 1st, Booyah! What an amazing end to an amazing season. A 2:03 bike split, a death march run, and taking the overall win in Florida. Crazy times and super fun. Here’s the preview & full recap.

2011 Race Results

Date Race Results Report/Goals/Thoughts
Apr 2 TX3 Kemah Triathlon 5th, Fastest Run Awesome start to the season.  Race report here, includes Stuart Smalley and Phil Collins.
Apr 10 Texas 70.3 DNF Tough result obviously, but some solid lessons learned.  Best swim/bike so far.  Race Report here, includes teddy bears on bikes and a butt soreness to race-time graph.
Apr 30 Wildflower 1st, Holy Crap, Fastest run Wow, that was quite the unexpected bounce back from Texas 70.3.  I’ll take it, a truly awesome day, so thankful for all the help & support. Here are my first reactions, and here are 7 Things I Learned at Wildflower.
June 5 Escape from Alcatraz 4th Solid day for sure, huge improvement over last year and three guys that beat me are world class.  Read the full report here, includes Pointer Sisters and fighting with the ladies.  Also, you can check out my Tips for Alcatraz here.
June 11 Boise 70.3 5th Best ever swim, solid bike, solid first half of run, and then suffer city!  Still a great performance coming back 6 days after Alcatraz.  Full report here, includes penguins and Tom Jones
July 10 Rev 3 Portland 4th, Fastest Run Best ever swim again, weak bike, fast run.  Good overall result.  Full report here, including wearing a women’s skin suit, and an unplanned potty stop.
July 17 Vineman 70.3 10th, Fastest Run A solid result against the toughest competition of the year.  Awesome swim, fastest run, biked like a monkey.  Read about that and the Man Van Competition here.
Aug 14 Philippines 70.3 2nd A truly incredible experience.  The trip of a lifetime.  Solid swim & bike, but WOW implosion on the run.  So many stories (wakeboarding, Jesse Bieber) I needed a 2 part report to tell them all. Here is Part 1 and here is Part 2.
Aug 21 70.3 World Championships  17th Coming off a Filipino bug, didn’t have the day I was hoping for.  But proud of myself for sticking it out and finishing.  Full report with all the Vegas shenanigans coming soon, but initial thoughts here.
Beyond We’ll see what happens!

2010 Race Results

Date Race Results Report
Apr 3 Beaver Freezer Sprint

1st Overall Age Group


no report, my bad
May 2 Escape From Alcatraz

1st Overall Age Group

(time equivalent to 7th among Pros)


You know it!
Jun 12 Boise 70.3

1st Overall Age Group

(time equiv. to 8th among Pros)


No report, I’m lazy
Jul 25 Antwerp 70.3 10th ProQualified for 70.3 World Championships despite having a pretty rough day Tough race, felt terrible right off the bat.  Initial thoughts here.Full race report here.
Aug 8 London Triathlon 27th Place, not too bad for Draft-Legal Debut Race Report Here
Aug 18 Bray Aquathlon 1st Place Overall Read the Triathlon Ireland Recap!
Sep 1 Zwintriatlon 9th Overall, fastest run – 29:31 “10k” Zwintriathlon Race Report

* Schedule subject to change without notice, reason, or logic of any kind.

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